Chia Pudding Recipe

Here’s a guilt free dessert that’s proven to be a crowd pleaser. It’s brought joy and ended the suffering  for both my family and posse of friends who’ve reluctantly sworn off sweets. That’s a big deal for someone like me whose   dessert making abilities are always in question!!!!  Admittedly, over the years, I’ve tried to “health-i-fy” a few recipes that didn’t help my reputation, but this one passed the taste test with enthusiasm! This recipe is GREAT for a snack or dessert that will give you the sinful pleasure of sweets without the sin! SAY WHAAAAT?!?  It’s true. In fact, it’s actually really good for you and will give you that satisfying full feeling until your next meal. No joke.

And get this, it’s sooooo easy to make and looks really impressive

So, here it is…..

Chia Seeds recipe