“My goal is to optimize your physical, social and emotional well-being by
empowering you to do more of what makes you happy
- in a fun and healthy way.”

Randi Schwartz
Randi Schwartz

How do we achieve a vibrant life?

I think it’s by practicing self-care and self-love.

That probably sounds pretty vague, right? It means that you are consciously carving out time to assess and address what you need to optimize your well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

It means that you are making YOU a priority.

The mind body connection is powerful and it’s played an incredible role in my life. My passion is to pass that magic on to others who have the desire and commitment to become their best self.

Have fun cruising around my website and visit often! Hopefully, you will learn new tips about health and wellness, pick up a yummy recipe or two AND find fun and healthy social events with people that make our community shine. I am very excited to help you navigate the path to your best you!

Fear less, love more... Be vibrant, be YOU!


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Mind Body GAL

Gratitude • Appreciation • Love

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