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So here we are, as another Labor Day comes to a close.  For most, Labor Day means time for the last summer BBQ. It’s the hallmark event where corn on the cob, hamburgers and the frolicking fun of summer is swapped with a “back to business” focus on our daily routines. For kids, it synonymous with back to school and for adults, back to work. While this may trigger a bit of the vacation blues, it’s also an exciting time for personal growth and new achievements.

Moving into this more focused mode, it’s often the starting point where many begin to feel overwhelmed. How do we ensure that we are taking the right steps to realize our potential and meet our goals while maintaining a healthy sense of well-being?

A great place to start is setting your intentions. Remember, it’s impossible to get to where you want to go if you haven’t decided where that is! Take some time to think about it. What are your intentions for the day, the week, the month and year? As each one comes to you, write it down and keep it somewhere you see it often. It’s a great little trick to keep you accountable and on track. And, if you are anything like me, having a list gives you the opportunity to check things off of it, which feels AWESOME!

YOUR GOALS:  At first, your list might look lofty, but don’t let that discourage you. Large goals can be broken down into lots of more manageable smaller ones. Like running a marathon, you begin with running a mile, not the daunting 26, and build from there.  Despite any setbacks you encounter (they’re inevitable), stick to your plan. You’ll soon realize your steps add up to large leaps! …VISUALIZE what it looks like, as well as what it feels like to be at your finish line. Let that awesome feeling allow you to let go of fear and motivate you to “Go for It!”

BE PATIENT, PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT…. it doesn’t happen all at once…growth and change takes time. AND here’s a BIG TIP: while it’s important to keep an eye on where you want to go, it’s equally as important to take time to acknowledge where you are, as well as where you’ve been and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Many highly successful people forget that and forfeit their happiness for ambition. Being mindful, by focusing on being grateful in the present, can allow you to have both!

CONFIDENCE:  Feeling a little uncertain or insecure with all that’s ahead of you? You are not alone! We all feel that way at times. Believing in yourself is a huge part of the well-being equation. You have to believe you can do something before you actually can. That doesn’t mean your goal will come easily. However, “choosing to believe” helps overcome moments of  self-doubt and will keep you moving forward. Sometimes we have to “fake it till we make it!”  So, block out the noise of any naysayers, and instead, think “why not me?” Don’t let others or the voice in your head tell you why you can’t; figure out how you can…because if you believe you can, YOU WILL! When I’m feeling some self-doubt, here’s one of my mantras that re-centers me, “Believe, Commit, Achieve.” It’s pretty simple. Remember, the person you spend the most time with is you…so talk to yourself like you would your best friend, and fill your head and heart with what you need for your success and well-being.

LISTEN: With our social media saturated world filled with “look at me” moments, how much time do we spend actually listening? When we are listening, how often do we tune-in to information that positively, versus negatively, influences our well-being? Try to take some time to detach from external stimuli and create a quiet space just for you to assess your needs. Take your cues from within, instead of from the outside world that’s bombarding you with false pressures. As you afford yourself  moments of stillness, listen to what your body is telling you it needs. Is it some carved out time for exercise, coffee with a friend, a walk in nature, jamming or relaxing to music? Maybe it’s even a revision of your goals because you realize the original plan isn’t really serving you and your best interests? Make the effort to eliminate the temptation to compare yourself to others or to meet their expectations. You are a beautiful individual and can create your own unique way of approaching your goals or challenges. Instead, become aware and focus on what’s best for you as you are doing your best. If you are really listening, you can feel what’s right for you. Know it’s okay to do things in your own way. (Let go of judgement) Celebrate, instead of scorn, the ways you may be different. Being brave enough to do things your own way often shows yourself and others new possibilities.

With new possibilities in mind, enjoy setting your inspiring post Labor Day path. Know that with the right mindset, plan and commitment you are capable of so much!

Believe, Commit, Achieve…and take time to enjoy the journey!


With Gratitude, Appreciation and Love,

– Randi

Mindbody GAL


09-3-2019 |

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