In Times of Crisis: See and Be The Good

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Corona.  What do we do with all this mounting anxiety? Maybe there is a way to turn this into something good? Maybe this is a way to reset, to connect, to establish what’s important to us… to remember the value of life and time and to honor it. It’s an opportunity to see things differently. The bombardment of news and life’s frenzy has already been a challenge for most of us. So this may be an unforeseen time to bring life back into balance. 

Do not obsess over the what if’s…it leads to panic and paralysis: We are witnessing Corona swirl through the world like a fast moving tornado. Undoubtedly, It’s important to listen to the developing news and understand the viability of worst case scenarios to properly plan. However, an obsession with all the “what if’s” removes us from proper preparedness to panic and paralysis. While we’ve seen and been repeatedly warned that it can be a matter of life or death, thankfully, this will not be life threatening for most of us. BUT, it is CRITICAL to think about our role in all of this.  

Our behaviors, big or small, have a huge impact on the spread of this virus: As we stop a moment to consciously think about “the bigger picture” and the complex matrix of our interconnectedness, we certainly gain a new perspective and appreciation for how we each matter…how our small behaviors play a big part our world’s condition. I bring this up because I think many of us underestimate our role in protecting each other and helping each other, collectively, to curb the panic and spread of this pandemic. If each of us took a minute, to think about where we have been, what our exposure has been to the disease, how we might play a part in reducing the risk of exposure to others, how we can help to halt the overburden to the healthcare system and the exposure to the providers. If we could each close our eyes and envision how we can compassionately lookout for others….be it our elder parents or favorite grocery cashier, it becomes easier to see the influence of our behavior and the part we play in curbing this outbreak. 

For those who have spent time in high risk areas, consider how one meal out with friends might spread the disease to your innocent waiter, busboy, cook or patron at another table. We all need to ask ourselves, Is two weeks of “no social dining, parties, or concerts” worth a potential life. Let’s compassionately work to support one another. Take the time to envision all the beautiful elders or frail individuals in your life that you are lovingly making this choice to protect with your sacrifice.  This is an opportunity to remember the value of life, and embrace these days in a new way that supports one another on an individual, family and community level….in a way where we can unite to make a positive global impact. 

Crisis presents opportunities: Understand that this is an opportunity to be mindful, to connect and make a difference….in our personal well-being and that of MANY others.  As many businesses temporarily close and the spring college semester comes to a premature and abrupt end, it’s important for us to move past the mourning of what’s been lost and take advantage of what this screeching halt may give us.  For those employees and college kids being sent home, it gives families a time to be together they may otherwise not have had. It’s an opportunity to talk and to be present with one another, using this “slowing down” time to share meaningful moments; take a walk or hike, spend time in nature, invest in a new TV show or watch a funny movie. Nourish your soul with some home grown activities; do a puzzle, bake, cook, play board games or simply enjoy meals together. For those who often feel overworked or pressed for time, this is an opportunity to use this time for yourselves…to re-boot and re-organize. Re-visit all those items on your self-care wish list: tackle a neglected project, spring clean, read a book, explore a new creative outlet, exercise, sleep in, take a nap or just relax and reflect. You can use this time to purge and get rid of stuff…old clothes, old food in your freezer or pantry, or even old beliefs! Purge and make new space; physically, mentally and emotionally. It will feel great! 

This is also an opportunity to use social media in healthy ways: to eliminate feelings of isolation and support one another. We can use Facebook, Instagram and texting to remind everyone that we are in this together and working as a community. Post the good you are seeing and shine a lens on things that uplift…. Maybe it’s a beautiful sunset or a new recipe you explored…maybe catching a couple laughing or watching someone playing toss with their dog. Maybe use this down time to catch up with those we haven’t spoken to in a while because life was too busy; a friend, relative, or anyone who you might think is feeling alone. This is a great opportunity connect as a community, keeping each other calm and informed. 

 Let’s focus on supporting one another: The sooner we band together quickly and work mindfully and compassionately, as a community, the more we will limit this crisis’ length, reach and long term effects. We have lived through other crises and we will get through this one too.  So, let’s turn this huge shake up into a “gift” that can help each one of us take a closer look at what we value and how we want to fill our time. 

My children once gave me a sweatshirt that says, “See The Good.” Now, is the perfect time to wear it. Yes, we are dealing with uncertainty and uncertainty tends to breed fear. Fear can be a powerful force that can rob us of our joy.  It can also move someone from being kind to crass or cruel. Let’s not let that happen. How do we avoid the downward spiral? I say let’s make a conscious choice to be compassionate. ….”See the Good.” AND, not only see it, but also BE it. 

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